How to choose your cigarette among the big brands?

We selected models with irreproachable characteristics. We distribute Aspire, Eleaf, Innokin, JoyeTech and Smok brands for consistent performance and innovation. You choose among all these high-end products according to your personal criteria and your expectations. Price, a quality indicator The price of an electronic cigarette takes into account the materials used and their lifetime. Investing in a high-end product allows to vapote in peace. With each new cycle, you find the tasty intensity sought. You do not suffer the inconvenience of leaks. The mod box offers the possibility to customize the quality of vape with choice of resistive son adapted to your e liquid preferred. Completely removable, it gives you a great freedom of possible combinations. The range of the liquid used considerably influences the service life of the various elements of the system. A neat design Compact and elegant, 4th generation electronic cigarettes have it all. The box can take different colors. The finishes and contrasts make it an object both discreet and distinguished. The color screen highlights its high tech skills. The switch falls under the thumb or sublimates the clean lines of the box. The Aspire brand offers models with customizable fronts. Smok even created a badge-shaped kit for the 50/50 liquid. A custom kit We distribute complete kits to start your vape experience without worrying about the compatibility of parts between them. You will also find accessories to personalize your e cigarette once initiated to the pleasures of vaping. You can optimize the rise in power with a new battery or adapt the resistance to the texture of your e liquid. The beginner pack contains the batteries that best suit the mod box. The clearomiser groups the atomizer and the tank for easy handling. But you can also order a mechanical mod, without electronics to manage the heating and the rise of the hit. The pack for insiders allows you to choose a type of resistance adapted to your habits. A cartomizer brings a hit close to the sensations of nicotine. The big brands assure you a vape of quality whatever your desires. You will get to know the vaper inside you by trying different parameters. They will then evolve with the discovery of new liquid recipes.