How does the electronic cigarette work?

Convenient to take away, easy to hold, the electronic cigarette is presented as an ergonomic product and ... riddled with technology with its touch screen, USB charger and integrated chipset! The mod, completely removable, allowed a significant evolution of the electronic cigarette with removable and interchangeable accumulators, initially hidden in the box. However, the principle remains the same: a heater heats a special liquid electronic cigarette, contained in the tank, which evaporates in the form of micro-droplets pleasant to inhale. The waterproof system is designed to allow fast filling. The integrated circuit avoids overheating and the taste of the associated dry-hit. The heating element is part of the atomizer. The clearomizer includes the atomizer and the tank. In this module, you must add a mouthpiece, the drip tip, to enjoy nicotine or sweet vapors. Heating of the resistive element can be triggered manually, by simply pressing the switch, or automatically. You will find models that detect the user's aspiration and activate the resistance. A touch screen gives you indications of temperature, power and the count of puffs. The big names of the electronic cigarette have changed the design at the same time as the capabilities of the device. It is charging on the computer while waiting for the next break. Many models have the passthrough function that allows vaping during the charging time. All have parts essential to its operation: a reservoir an atomizer a resistance a battery a drip tip Each part plays an important role in the quality of vape. Each element contributes to a comfort of use. We therefore offer optimized products for maximum pleasure.